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Applications for Fall 2018 are Closed

The Fall 2018 session has already started.

About Us

What do we do?

Through the 40-hour curriculum, the girls will be learning about programming concepts (depending on their level and experience), as well as mobile app development, web development, robotics, AI, and more! At the end of the program, the girls will have completed their own CS project to impact the community, ‘graduate’, and become connected on the Girls Who Code Alumni network, where they can receive information regarding tech internships, hackathons, scholarships, and etc. Our girls will come out of the program as well-educated young leaders.

Working Together

We love computer science, and hope to share this expeience with you.

Learning Code

Our group of young women will learn languages such as HTML, CSS, Phyton, and more!

Made with Love

Students make their own personalized projects with the skills they learn throughout the program.

Why join a Girls Who Code Club?

Computer science is a valuable skill in today’s high-tech powered world. As women represent a small percentage in CS majors and technical or computing fields and the number of computer science related jobs increases, it is important to inspire girls to pursue computer science. Programming can also lead to success in other careers. For example, modeling cancers can be done with algorithms, and a startup can save money by creating its own website. With that said, our Girls Who Code Club is a great environment to start using computer science to foster all of our girls’ passions, wherever they take them.

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